A Beginners Guide To BMX Bike and Accessories

As a newbie to the world of BMX racing, you need to be equipped with the proper accessories to get you started.

Having sturdy and strong equipment coincides with skills, and helps you in the race track as you go for the finish line! While the specifications needed depends on preference, here are the basic things that you should acquire and know before reaching the date of your race.

The BMX Riding of Your Preference

It is important to know your intentions to have a gist depending on preference when riding since not all BMX bikes are the same. Each is designed with a specific purpose depending on your line of forte.

You need to ask yourself “What kind of BMX riding would I do?” before selecting the specifications for your bicycle.

To know your interest, these are some of the styles that you may encounter;

BMX Race

This type of bike is designed for regional, national or international races. Since the main goal is to reach the finish line first, the bicycle should have the upper hand to help you in your competition.

Specifically, it should have strong breaks, larger sprockets than others, and a higher gear ratio. It is in this occurrence that the power and speed of the bike are crucial.

Dirt Ride

It is noted that it is usually similar to park bikes but with thicker thread for extra grip and control on the dirt. Most of the styles do not feature this, which is why it is essential to take notes to acquire the advantage.

Park Ride

The setting mainly involves ramps or skate parks. The bikes for these are usually lighter than those for dirt biking. It is also preferable to acquire a thinner thread.

Flatland Ride

The keyword for this ride is control and balance. Since this is the case, the bikes are different from others in terms of geometrical aspect to have a smooth but slow speed when doing tricks.

Street Ride

The bicycle should be able to withstand the urban environment. In this case, it is heavier than standard bicycles to survive more hits than usual.

Bike Size

The level of comfort that can be obtained depends on the size of your bike, which is why it is important to test the height and adjust to it before actually buying the product.

Go to your bike shop and get your measured frame to know the right size for your bicycle. Also, consider trying out different models to know which suits you best.

To get you started, those that are at least 5 ft should have a standard size of tube length that should be 20.25 inches. For 6ft and above, it should be at least 21 inches.

Component Essentials

The parts that make up as the accessories of the bike do have a say on its indicated quality. Usually, it is in their overall makeup that makes the bicycle either cheap, or expensive. To check out these parts, here is where you should observe the most;


The brakes are invented to have more control, but BMX bikes nowadays do not come with these to be faster than expected. Though, when getting the bikes especially for beginners, it is recommended to purchase with at least the presence of a back brake.


It is better to have a small sprocket with 25 to 30t in the front. It is to ensure that your bike is lightweight, dated, and easy to use especially for tricks.


Bearings should be sealed at all times for it to not become loose, which will affect its ability to run smoothly. Ensuring this sealed bearing may mean that you will be riding the bicycle at ease for a much longer time.


For your bikes, you need heavy duty rims to ensure durability. The double wall rims tend to last longer than a single since the doubles do not tend to be dented easily.


It is often used to control the bike that is located on the end of each steel wheel axle. For dirt jumps or race, there is no need to use pegs. Though, for flat rides, use knurled aluminum pegs to manipulate the bike in different positions. The freestyle BMX uses pegs for obstacle grinding purposes.

The Weight of The Bike

When riding, you need a bicycle that is light enough to keep you in control and maintain your energy level up to the extent wherein you need it to be.

An extremely lightweight bike can be too expensive for your liking, which is why it is important to be considerate with the preference and allotted budget to compensate with it.

Lighter bikes are ensured to have better parts and tend to last longer but with an extra cost. Those that are light also tends to have better maneuverability that is needed for racing purposes. For first time users, it is recommended to choose a less expensive but with a sturdy usage to help you in your learning escapades.

Accessories for Beginners

These are the must to have accessories a beginner should have;

Protective Gear

It is important to note that BMX riding is not just an ordinary act of biking for pleasure, but includes an actual competitive race. With this, it is important to be equipped with protective gear to provide safety and comfort.

Only buy it when you already know your style, since the gear varies on preference. Do not be afraid to fall off your bike, since it will help you to not get the maximum pain when it occurs.  Do not use a full face helmet for vision blockage probabilities. Soft knee pads are recommended for your elbow, shins, and gloves to prevent wounds or scrape in critical areas.

Repair Kit

It is one of the things that is essential for riders to have since you will need it for minor repairs from time to time. It is empirical for you to get flat tires, which is why it is crucial to have a repair kit on the go, especially when you least expect it.

When traveling, also make sure that you have a first aid kit for minor injuries and a solid bike lock.

Final words: Having the Perfect Bike!

Getting started inn the world of BMX racing requires knowledge, which in turn may help you acquire the skills needed in riding.

As a bike enthusiast, you need to know what you will need, operate, and maintain it to have a long-lasting equipment. Keep in mind that the goal is to experience and have fun no matter what the circumstances are!

Check what you prefer, and acquire it now!

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