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Diamondback BMX – Is It Worth The Hype?

In choosing a bicycle meant for your BMX racing escapades, it is crucial to know which one to get and its capability to meet your certain expectations.

Over time, many companies have developed different types of bikes that can be considered as eye-catching due to the specs given. Diamondback BMX is one, with its huge contribution to manufacturing and is a well-established brand due to its constant good quality.

Though countless urges to buy Diamondback BMX from riders lead us to the real question, and that is “What makes it stand out among all of the brands?” In this text, the information along with some of the models are stated to evaluate everyone’s appreciation for the brand around the globe!

History of Diamondback BMX

The brand was first founded on the year of 1977 and continues to prosper as of today’s time. Its setting is situated at Washington at first and worked its way to be famous in different locations. It expanded gradually, and launched their first mountain bicycle that captured the interest of many.

Since then, the innovation in Diamondback in terms of specs and designs continues to evolve one type after another, creating a massive line of bikes with the great quality that addresses every rider’s need.

The brand also won multiple awards such as US men’s national XC championships that spoke great deals regarding their role in the biking industry.

It is also stated that a failure response regarding the models is not experienced due to the dedication in every design and production that was presented. The variety of designs and models led the people to still look into Diamondback for new features and specifications regarding their new releases.

Types of Diamondback BMX bikes

To meet every costumer’s need, the Diamondback ride offers different models with a series of function and technicality that suits every rider’s expectation. It is mostly still dated due to its availability of design for women, men, and all ages applicable. To get a gist regarding their offered types, here are the following;

On The Road Bikes

The brand designed this model to execute a smooth ride on paved roads for both adventurous and transportation purpose. Since it is mostly for everyday use, its technicality is less and typically more inexpensive, but can still be used for racing.

Also, it produces faster speed than mountain bikes. It is known for endurance, performance, and travel as a target perspective from riders.

Bikes For The City

This bike is designed for daily errands or to simply travel around the town while enjoying the scenery. It contains a basic standard specification for everyday use. It is to achieve comfort and is recommended for commuters and dual sport.

Mountain Bikes

Since it would most likely be used on the mountains, its specification is designed to endure rough lands along the trails with steep inclines.

To do this, it has special features such as broader tires and absorbent shocks that is useful for bumpy and steep slopes.

Bikes for Kids

Aside from professional bikes that are designed for professional usage, it also addresses the early age group to be fascinated by the sport of biking. It is known to be beneficial for the children’s growth and health, and so encouraging this physical ability can be an advantage in the long run.

Bikes for Women

Since women do not typically need many technicalities in their biking, a line of design is designated especially for them. It is made to be comfortable but also ensures the high performance that the brand is known of.

Warranties Offered

The Diamondback brand is known for its positive point of warranty system. With this, it is beneficial especially for malfunctions while using the bicycle.

The lifetime warranty is encouraging for riders since the sustainability of the bike can go on for years. Furthermore, there are other forms of warranty that they can offer depending on the kind of bike, but here is the average type of warranty;

  • 5-year warranty on the bike
  • 1-year warranty on the component of the bike
  • 1 year on accessories purchased from the brand
  • 1 year for branded forks

Though, it is still crucial to be careful, since the negligence in riding is not shouldered by warranty. Warranty issues are also stated to not occur frequently, and some does not claim it at all due to though frames and satisfying performance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Diamondback Ride

It is not enough to have a reliable brand for the bike, but also, you should take into consideration the maintenance of its specification for it to last in the long run.

To know how these are the tips that can be considered;

1. Clean Your Bike

It is recommended to clean the bicycle thoroughly at least once a week. The parts should also be ensured to not have any left debris to function up to its optimum quality.

2. Apply Lube

It should be applied for a drop in the roller chain for smooth travel. If the bike tends to be slower than usual, consider doing this.

3. Check The Tires

It is essential to check the tires especially before competition for safety purposes. Always check the air pressure before using your bicycle, to ensure a smooth ride without any flat tire occurrence.

4. Avoid Major Shocks

Bumpy roads can lead to major shock, or worse, an unexpected out of balance that may cause dents on your newly acquired bike. It is best to avoid it rather than facing the consequences.

Conclusion: Diamondback for A Proven, Trusted Brand!

The familiarity of the brand can ensure quality, as it is proven and tested by many riders worldwide. As of today, Diamondback still lives up to its expectation due to the frequent innovation styles that address all ages and gender.

It is said to be every rider’s dream, as it features any specification that a buyer may prefer, and with this, the brand name continues to grow with little to no malfunction error due to the dedication in production.

Still, do not know where to buy? Consider checking out the Diamondback store now!

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